Rita Lee – Uma Autobiografia

Bahia (Praia do Flamengo), 16h25

Rita Lee – Uma Autobiografia 

“I bought this book when I was in a big library in São Paolo. It is an autobiography of a famous singer in Brazil, Rita Lee who is 69 years old now. She included a lot of her life’s events in the book with stories from her youth, her songs and even some of her mistakes. Some examples of the covered topics are her first band, her days in prison, her relationship with her family…

An interesting story from her prison days : Some military men came to her home during the dictatorship for a drug search. Rita Lee, 3 months pregnant at the time of the incident, told them : “If you had come 3 months ago, you would have found a lot of drugs. However, now, there is nothing here.” The baffled soldiers ended up arresting her. Some time later Rita Lee’s health started deteriorating in prison. Unwell and tired she hears a very angry woman pleading with fervour for her temporary release. The guards were really impressed because the woman was Elis Regina, the most loved singer of Brazil. Rita Lee was released and allowed to see a doctor.

Rita Lee was a pioneer in Rock and Roll in Brazil. She is a big influence and inspiration for all women, including me. Her book is really worth reading.”

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