Ivan Klima – Love and Garbage – حب وقمامة

Photo by Bilal Salameh

Beirut – July 2015, Beirut is sinking in its own garbage. This is what the corruption led to.

Ivan Klima – Love and Garbage 

حب وقمامة – إيفان كليما

“Donning an orange vest, the narrator–a banned Czech writer–sweeps the Prague streets with a group of the society’s other outcasts–an old sailor given to drink, a sickly teenager, a foul-mouthed former beauty, a failed inventor, and an ex-pilot. As they go about their mindless job, the narrator learns of the dreams and sorrows of his coworkers and meditates on the life and work of Franz Kafka, the power of literature, and his relationship with his dying father.”

[Man longs for a cleansing but instead he starts cleaning up his surroundings. But until man cleanses himself he is wasting his time cleaning up the world around him.] – Ivan Klima

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