Guy de Maupassant – Une Vie

English version only

Paris, 03:25 pm

Guy de Maupassant – Une Vie (A life) 

“This book is in French. I bought it in a greenbox and I figured I’d try and read it. I am not great at French, there is a lot of words I do not understand, but it is good practice. I haven’t heard about this book before but it looked good. It seems like a rather well-known book, but small, so I do not have to  work on it for too long. I do not understand all of the words.

I am only a couple of pages into it. I guess it is about a girl who has a happy life and then everything changes. That’s the gist I am getting so far. Right now she is happy, and things are going well, but I guess it is going to change soon.”

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